Non-Executive Directors

Non-Executive Directors Services

At Elite by Excel, we have a number of seasoned and high-profile finance and technology industry professionals actively seeking NED positions on the boards of local Jersey and international companies.

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Our approach

If a client is seeking to enhance their board with the appointment of a NED, we would welcome a candid but equally confidential discussion. This would focus on the key factors driving the process and also to obtain an in-depth understanding of the personal and professional profile the client is looking for from their ideal NED.  This would cover the NED’s area of expertise, experience, qualifications and equally as critical, their character.

Following this synopsis, we would then consider our portfolio of NEDs and identify those that match the prescribed requirements and discreetly approach them about the possible opportunity. If there is an interest in exploring the opportunity further, we would then facilitate a private meeting between both parties. Should this process not work and if required, we could further assist through customised head-hunting and/or targeted advertising across our various communication platforms.

The role and importance of Non-Executive Directors

The growing demand for Non-Executive Directors (‘NEDs’) on the Boards of local companies and funds continues to gather apace as organisations and their investors continually strive to ensure a robust and effective strategy in maintaining and enhancing their Corporate Governance. 

The benefits of having NEDs on the boards are numerous and include:

Depth of board level experience
Specialist industry knowledge
Personal Qualities

The UK Corporate Governance codes states NEDs “should provide constructive challenge, strategic guidance, offer specialist advice and hold management to account.” The code continues the “board should include an appropriate combination of executive and non-executive (and, in particular, independent non-executives) directors, such that no one individual or small group of individuals dominates the board’s decision making.”

The main contributions of a NED cover enhancing strategic direction, measuring performance, determining appropriate levels of remuneration for executive directors, enabling greater personal and business networks, focusing on effective risk management and ensuring a true and fair reflection of performance is openly transparent with investors and other core stakeholders.

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